I was born on a Sunday in May 1964 on a farm in the Waldviertel as
the third of four children. My mother soon realized my artistic
tendences. She was a fully-qualified textile designer in Vienna who
came to the Waldviertel because of my father, a farmer, and her love
to nature.

My creativity was encouraged by her appreciatory words.
She said for example “You`ve done a good line!“
We, the children, grew up with Michelangelo, Dürer, Jugendstil, Art
Deco etc., as well as with her drawing talent. Above all, she taught
me how to see and to bring out the beautiful things of life using
„Goldener Schnitt“,which already the old masters used.

Nearly every day she helped me sharpen my vision and she inspired my thoughts.
Therefore, I got my first brush and easel for my 8th birthday. That was the beginning
of my artistic life.

After attending grammar school in Horn I went to Krems where I graduated HTL
spezialising on structural design. After one term studying BWL at the WU in Vienna,
I successfully worked with computers for many years until I started to get into the arts
beside my job. I prefer the “A LA PRIMA“ style using a spatula (oil and acrylic). My
favorite theme is nature, especially water.

By now I am focusing on the design of foyers as well as harmonical arrangements in
companies with paintings.

I attended courses at:
Mr. Mag.Jakov BARARON (painter, study at university for applied arts in Belgrad)
Mrs. Mag. Gertrude KOSINA (painter)
Mr. Mag. Misa BABIC(painter)

Now my hobby is my occupation and I am very happy about it! I am especially
pleased about my clients who come for my personal advice and to get more energy
from my pictures!

I am proud of my exhibitons at special places like the castle`s
restaurant „Rosenburg“ managed by my good friend Heidi Kalss or at the DUNGL
BIO – VITAL HOTEL in Gars am Kamp, where people from all over the world have
the possibility to see my paintings! I am also glad to welcome everybody at my

THANKS to everybody!!!